Saturday, May 28, 2011

Her date.

Having Saturday class sounds really bad and class until 3pm on Saturday sounds even terrible!

I  have a lecture at 8am but we have such a loonng break and have only one hour tutorial from 2pm to 3pm!!

That's why I am here to talk here. We went to Wangsa Walk for movie, Kungfu Panda 2 but it's Saturday you know...all SOLD OUT!

This is why Adwin and I do not date on weekends. Normally we'll date on weekdays, more parking lots, no  looong Queue, no traffic jam, no rush and not crowded!

and this is where we normally go.

I bought a small pillow and frames.

Movie time Cathay.

walking around.

Something's special about the restaurant below here is

She's one of the waitress.

Can you find where's my bf?

He's hungry so we have a small picnic here and I found this photo very familiar.

in Langkawi.

Have been thinking to buy a photo frame for so long already.
I bought the small one.

Other types of photo frame called "Drop".

I like photos because it helps me to remind and recall my memories.

It was taken in Langkawi.

"oops he's not ready to shoot"

and I bet he's trying to tell me something.

That's all for my date..

Monday, May 23, 2011

3 am

Hi there,

It's already 3am and I'm still here. This is because I took a very long nap yesteday, I have trouble with this that's why I do not dare to sleep in thte afternoon! I should force myself to bed after I am done with my blogging.

I am listening to Price Tag by Maddi Jane. Still remember the previous post that I made for the young talented people? I should do an add on here because I really want to share them here.


She's  Maddi Jane from United States. She's so sweet and beautiful and if there's no mistake she's only 12!

Next is Connie Talbot.

and a boy from Asian.

Lin Yu chun.

Good night!!

err.....Good morning??

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lacoste handbag

This is what I'm craving for lately!

A Lacoste handbag
which is casual with better quali

It will be my "schoolbag" because it is BIG enough to store my stuff such as

umbrella files pencil case cardigan tissue camera books purses phones sunglasses 

Okay let me show you some of my favourites.

I should try them on instead of just picking them by photos because sometimes these kind of bag will be too big for me. I'm not saying I'm thin or what but over-big-bag just do not fit shorties!!

Sorry for the blur picture below here.
Tell me if you know when's the BIG sales for Lacoste this year!

I'll shall start to save money...

oh noo!!! 5 more weeks to Taiwan and I am toally broke now!

the song that I keep listening to recently.

Good night!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What's going on?

Found this cute father and daughter on Youtube so I just want to share it here. They also appeared on Ellen Degeneres Show.

What's going on for my life now is at study and learning stage. No longer later I'll be working so let's appreciate my life now, as a student.

Thee are a lot of young talented people in this world who love singing, dancing and music. Most of you should have known Charice Pempenco.

Now, maybe some of you know her but I just found her on Youtube last night.

She's Gaga fans and no doubt that she appeared on Ellen's show too.

Next is Greyson Chance, 13 years old.

I guess there are more out there but I'm not gonna list all them out.

Yesterday's sky totally freak me out because it was so orange!

Speaking of yesterday, we had only one class in the morning and here we are to visit site for one of the assignments.

Lunch at McD drive through.

End of the post!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

After rain

We skipped our dinner because it rained so heavily and we have only an hour break.

After class at 9pm, we made the decision to have STEAMBOAT! oh yeah....

It's done by Adwin, always, he likes prawn.

We were actually starving!

Concentrating on their food. 

Ignore my "ah ma look".

It sometime burns


busy on "cooking" the crabs.

The pot in the middle supposed to be with sup right.
Adwin's idea again.
Cheesy crab!

Photo below: Chia Hoong (Green), Kien Fui (white)

Photo below: Fang chin

Photo below: Chung Liang

11 of us

Sorry for not doing so much talking here.

They are my classmates since Year 1 Diploma.


To all my classmates/coursemates,
Gam ba teh in our last year of studies here and hope we enjoy this moment!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Night!

I just finished Episode 11 of a Singaporean drama and look at the time right now!!! oh no~

Both of them are so stunning and gorgeous in this drama!

Since tomorrow is a public holiday. . who cares right? haha...oh I mean today!

Good night everyone~

Finally I digested my dinner cos I had steamboat with my classmates right after the class because it was raining and we were very hungry.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Heading to the north trip!

You make we wanna say

I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do doo

Yeah, I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do doo

haha...My dear and I enjoy listening to this song while he's driving. So just play it while reading this post. By the way, I've changed my template design to a more vintage style and  i hope you'll like it.

I have another name for this trip which is "Heading to the north trip" because we travelled from the bottom to the top and I'm not so sure if it's appropriate. Anyway, the trip has also a name in Mandarin which i named it as "向北走“ . Although we didn't reach the very top of west M'sia- Perlis, the route of the journey is still moving from the bottom to the top. ok ok. I'm done with the explanation. 

Each of is had spent about Rm 700 in average which only including the food, petrol, toll fees, tickets(e.g: cable car, ferry etc), and accommodation. We ended up spending nearly to Rm 1000 or more than RM 1000. haha...I know I know, I expected to spend like Rm 500 but we just overspent!! We did an account statement every night before we went to bed as we will definitely forget where has this and that money gone at the end of the trip. It was actually only 3 of them doing it as I am not good at this, "cash controlling". In & out, debit credit thing. urgh....My head will go spinning.

I wonder why am I crapping this much in this post. Maybe the weather is not as hot as couple days before. We have rainy days~ weee.....

This book is definitely useful through out the trip as it has very clear and detail map.

My last post was stopped at this Teluk Intan which is only Day 1 and I wanted to show more photos of the Leaning Tower as my boyfriend said it wasn't obvious enough to show that the tower leans.

 The tower in the picture below leans to the right.

I know it is very hard to see it because I was there for very long and I took a very long time to see the tower leans. Fine I'll just move on.

I captured about 2000 of photos for this trip and  probably I'm not going to show them all and there are more photos available on my Facebook so I'll just screen through the photos and show only part of it.

Photo below:  Ancient building in Teluk Intan.
Edited with Sepia.

 We passed by beautiful Paddy field while heading to IPOH.

Since we never been to UTAR, Kampar, here we are dropping by to see the campus.

It has beautiful lake before entering the University but we were restricted enter.

Some uncles fishing here. 
I really respect them because it was a big HOT day.

I want to blog about this cute fences with beautiful rainbow colour in Kampar.
I love it!

Next is 


You will usually see this in their kopitiam.

To show how delicious it is, and popular with 

芽菜 &鸡丝河粉

That day was a public holiday, 02/05/11

It was very very full.

What we did was we shared the food and tasted some of this and some of that so that we can try all of it.

Photo below: 
The one on the left looks like any other "kopi ais" but it is very smooth, I am not the person who like coffee  because I just don't like it but this one is definitely different not to compare with Starbucks or The coffeebean. I am not into the one in the middle because it tastes weird with egg and sweet tea.

We also made our visit to some temples in Ipoh.

Although I am a Christian but it was just a visiting for some knowledge and of course I do not pray or what.

 We found a smoking monkey!

Photo below:
Can you guess how old?
Just guess~

In case you saw the answer earlier I'll show you this. I guess this is how people get their 4D numbers.

and the hidden answer is.....

A cow!!