Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random post


I'm now in the college, attended a replacement class just now.
Wht i meant by FULL HOUSE is : CITC is now jam-packed with students, every single pc. Same thing happened when I first entered last year MAY. nothing to be so curious with.

I have an announcement to be made here!

I will be going to a camp organised by my church on 29,30,31 which is this FRI, SAT & SUN in PAHANG.
needa wake up early tomorrow and I haven't started to pack my stuff yet. having night class some more !

"It's okay, I can sleep in the bus as I always do "


How to put those advs? Leaderboard or skyscrapper and this large rectangle??...I'm trying my very best to read the HTML which actually end up "matu culing" or spoiling my eyes only. The worse thing is i still cannot find anyone one of it..."HAHA" SWT

Just to let you know, my earnings = RM least I see it's increasing from 0.75 to 1.25. ^^

I'm gonna end this post with songs, enjoy your day!!

Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat -Lucky

Jason Mraz "I'm Yours"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's MIX it



Needa apply for it and I’m really mad cos it has to go through a complicated? Or looonnng procedure! I can’t even log in to my account!

Semester 2 result.

The result had been released today and of course I went to the cyber to check it out!! Am I nervous? A liltle cos have you ever have the feeling of hoping to score an A- at least there’s an A before entering the exam hall and after the exam you’ll start to worry am I going to fail this subject?? This is like you climb to the top of the mountain yet fall down to the bottom! In short, as usual I’m gonna list them out. ( I think it’s brave tho .keke)

Tamadun Islam dan Asia A

Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan A-

Science for Building C

I know I'm either fail or just at the border line! but I'm glad i scored A's for the other 2 subjects!


HP Laptop

Since Connie is going to Kl end of June with me after attending my Grandpa 80th birthday party at riverside. Wht is it called again? um..the one at the parkson,Crown?? Anyway, tht’s not important. Wht I wanted to tell is the weekend before I went to Kl Conn asked me to help her to decide which one to buy for her laptop cos she likes Apple / Mac so much after she bought herself an Apple Ipod. Kay, the main main (not ma-in in bm arr)point is she like Apple but others who are , for example, my dad the payer, my mom,ah gong ah ma? Nonono, they’ve no idea with it. Dianna the cousin blablabla….

First we dined at the Food bazaar then we entered Switch to have the conclusion whether buy or not to. I made some phone calls to some of my friends who’re using Apple laptop. In short, she got a Hp laptpop. Rm 3999. While asking him the salesman about those laptop,

I asked “ Got pendrive mouse and cooler pad right?”


“Then can give cooler pad and the “keypad-protectting- shield/layer”

“yea of course”

After a while, we chosed our own mouse cos if they choose it for you right I know he’s going to pick the cheapest one…Of course we don’t choose the most exp one but at least with an average price like Rm 20+ if I’m not wrong, She chose the one printed with cow...

Then I showed him “ can we choose this for the mouse?”

“ooh…ok” he was installing something to her laptop..

While we were waiting right, we shopped around the shop and I remembered she’ll speaker to watch drama. Ehhee….I know you know , we choose the one we prefer the most and showed him again..but before that I did ask him whther can give or not la.

So in the end, we bought the laptop with


cooler pad

“keypad-protectting- shield/layer”


Pendrive- 4GB

That’s all! Actually there’s one more thing we wanted to ask for it but “pai seh”/ shy cos it will be too over to ask for too many stuffs.

From the left: CONN EMILY LILY and STANLEY

Did you notice the signature behind his shirt??...Let me show you…

He has this ambition to represent Malaysia in future!...

I love editing photos but I do not know how to edit. Am a beginner of photoshop.*headache*


My first and second been to karaok was in Kuching, yes ma hometown! And both the same place.

RED Colliseum which is very-the-near my house. How near? Less than 10 minutes will do. Even if there’s traffic jam maximum up to 15min I guess. First time was 5 of us, Bong yang the organizer, 2 of his friends, me and Ivy the course representive. Ivy is my course rep, they call it course rep which has the same meaning as “class monitor” but we have “class rep” too. That was ma first time so I didn’t take any photos. ^^. I enjoyed it thanks to Yang!

Whenever you have your first time, here comes ma second!

It was the FRI before I left which means last FRI. with whole bunch of cousins








know what, this is the second time to type exactly the same paragraph:

I 'm really really pissed off now!! wht kind internet is this?? the mozilla just shut down suddenly and pop out and asked me "restore previous session/ start new session?"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Lately I'm dealing with Nuffnang because some of my friends are earning through this. I know I' m late to start off this but just want to catch up hoping i can earn some money here. The problem is I'm learning to post more advertisements in my blog. so Dear readers, lend me your helping hands by clicking those adv once u view mt blog...hehe...

"Money face" you
"ehh..i need money"me
"me too" you

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Steal it from Evelyn while viewing her blog. They are SNSD if i'm not wrongcos never see them on TV at channel 303. I like korean girls because they look nice withought heavy make up especially their eyes.

My aunty told me that when she walked on the streets inKorea,those girls are like celebrities because the way they dress up etc...ooh, the tour guide told them that normally they feed their kids with some ginseng powder in their meals so that they'll grow taller! I want!! Besides their height, most of them have fair skin and pretty. I bet

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm gonna finish off all the movies or dramas which I have in my laptop. This is one of those that I watched latlely which I "accidently" got this film Changeling from a friend of mine but I could not remember who he/she is. I want to share this flim with you because it's very touching and real. In fact, it's based on a true story happened in Los Angeles, 1928. I can't even stop watching it eventhough I've got smth else to do at that moment!

Angelina jolie plays Christine Collins ,as a mother of a 9 year-old kid named Walter Collins. Walter Collins went missing and his mother could not file a missing report right away because the police told her that she had to wait for 24 hours since most of the kids often returned! This is how the story begins. To be more detail you may watch the clip below here because it provides real picture of them.

If you find it boring just watch this,the trailer of Changeling.

I'm now looking forward to another film by Angelina jolie also called Wanted. After watching the trailer I am really attracted to this film too because it is going to be a nice movie to watch in cinema since it's action movies! I'll be like " "

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As requested

This is specially for Christina a.k.a Ameko??...Almost every corner of the kitchen. I've tried yahoo and hotmail. Both took freaking long period for me to upload those photos so I post them here publicly lo. and I never mail anyone photos btw. teehee

wet kitchen

Dry kitchen


I believe most of you not only girls are having this problem, panda eyes or puffy eyes or maybe panda+ puffy eyes!!!
I was searching randomly through youtube and guess what I found. It is in Mandarin, sorry.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A joke

Poker face

I prefer this, it's in instrumental. wish to play this song! Anyone has got this ??...send it to me ya!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is the wheather lately in KUCHING!

you can always find dark clouds but bright sun.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Upcoming post

Something's wrong with the internet because I cannot upload any photos. I wanted to post about

*Santubong without ME

*Labour day

*Diana's Graduation Day

So total up I have 3 things to post , sooooonn..

Jesus LOVES you.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My niece* QUeen G

Gladys Wong
1 yr 7 mths

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Santubong without ME

As I told you about the Damai Puri planning ? Actually I haven’t start planning yet cos i don’t know who and when to go with, probably with my family? Anyway, I’ve “digged out” a lot of photos taken by my dad in his old laptop, he bought a NEW one by the way. This is during last year end holidays when she got married most of the relatives came back and they went to Santubong without ME. For NON- SARAWAKIANs, Santubong is one of the resorts in Kuching kay. Besides Damai Puri and Santubong, there are others like my mind us empty.