Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour

Well, i did turn off the lights in my room tho it has only 3. very simple, this is because I wasn't in the hostel last SAt. haha...Satuday saturday, where could i go, Church la.. youth Fellowship. It was a "Mission Night" so bro Daniel shared with us by using the pc connected to LCD. This is how we can continue to FELLOW-ship last sat without those lights.

I am certainly support this Earth hour but Malaysian Malaysian... up to 50% of Malaysian were showing their support to this campaign. *sigh*

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Apparently I've been busy for past few days. Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting lately. Anyway!
One of the hardest things I find with this whole blogging thing is regular contributions to keep it fresh. Here I am to keep it fresh....^^

Where should I start to blog? I'll blog them one by one...

Let's start from last Tuesday then.

My friend invited me to her friend's house, who is an Irish migrated from Australia, works as a lecturer in KL. I'm not sure if you all know last Tuesday was Saint Patrick's Day so he invited his friends to have a simple gathering at his house. This is the first time I met Leon. He prepared the dinner himself, chicken curry macaroni and this "onion cooked with ikan bilis"...It was delicious ! I wish I can cook those dishes.... "simply yummy"......Basically there's 3 of his friends. I remembered one of them called Rossie from Aussie who's having her vacation here. She's pretty and I like her accent too. About this accent thing, sometimes I actually don't get what's Leon talking about. This is because his speaks in a very low tone?and it's too "ang moh"...--.--!...but I understand Rossie's...her's is very clear and and know la...For those who do not know much about Sain Patrick's's some relevant info about it.

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide by the those of Irish descent and increasingly by non-Irish people (usually in New Zealand, Australia, and North America). Celebrations are generally themed around all things Irish and, by association, the colour green. Both Christians and non-Christians celebrate the secular version of the holiday by wearing green, eating Irish food and/or green foods, imbibing Irish drink (such as Irish stout, especially Guiness, Irish Whiskey or Irish Cream) and attending parades.
More about it click here .

We were lucky enough to catch the last train at 11:45pm??....*phew*....IF NOT, we have to take a cab from PJ to Wangsa Maju...! It is not safe to take a cab that time you see...We were able to take photos in

ooh ya, I bought my camera dy...err, my dad bought it for me..but mom said she'll cut my monthly income for the payment. So still, I bought it(in future)...."haha".. Thanks you very much! I was shocked to hear that " U wanna buy a camera right? Let's go"....woo hoo~~It's pink with a pink leather cover. I'll show it next time....^^

18/03/09, WED
Mid valley and Bangsar to do some shoppings and acually I wanted to do threading but I didn't.

okay... Veena and I were invited to a buisness talk at PJ, Crown Crystal Hotel..

From the left: ME, SK and veena

20/03/09, FRI
KlCC, Race to the witch mountain

Picture above:...can see, I'm holding a cup of sweet corn, must take some food in the cinema..this is my rule!

21/03/09, SAT
okay, I went to watch Disney On Ice Princess at Bukit Jalil, last Sat...

"very cute huh??....There were more kids dressed up as princess like Snow white...

As with any Disney on Ice Production, you are guaranteed a spectacular show and with the Princess Classics you will experience; a magical music filled journey to far away lands, where you will meet some of Disney’s favorite Princess. See Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan dance and skate through this ice bond adventure. Your kids will enjoy it and who knows; maybe you will too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


woo hoo~

I've got 40/50 for my E-test!!


Friday, March 13, 2009


Short semester really a short one...Everything comes in fast speed!..There will be an "E-test" which means the exam is conducted by using computer next week and presentation on week 4, Bm lanjutan!..."alamak"....Besides, this semester benefits too cos I exercise more as I've got lots of free time. etc, what i did yesterday>>Jogging, badminton and swimming<<<....I went to swim last night alone. It was great to swim in an Olympic-sized swimming pool!...I must get a swimming suit cos it was very shameful happened last night cos I, only one, actually didn't wear proper suit plus swim incorrectly..."should I enrol myself to a swimming club??"....I still remember grandpa was the one who teaches me to swim when I was very young..--.--!..

Lily said Dad didn't sleep last night cos he has got 6 reports/projects to be done!...She knew when she saw him wearing the exactly the same clothes to work yesterday...WoW! He works hard for the family...I think that's why I am here in TARC!!....yes, I will study hard too...and Smart!!....of course this is not by ourselves but HIM, King of Majesty!! HE's the only way to the eternal life...^^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fish Leong 梁靜茹

Frankly speaking I don't really li-ke Fish Leong in the past but I do like her new songs, I mean enjoy la...I found out that her new songs have been chosen as the theme song like the new drama below here.

I started watching this 敗犬女王, "Defeated queen" yesterday..I like the song 沒有如果 by Fish Leong 梁靜茹. Not bad la the drama..

Please enjoy the first episode of the drama,

There's one more drama,

幸福的抉擇 I do

which I myself have not watch it before but CONN watched it from Astro on Demand and she kept searching for this drama..Nice or not I don't know but what I know is the one on the right from Gem of life involves in this drama too.

These are the theme songs in this drama

One more song by Fish Leong and Gary..^^

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My result

College Overall Examination


Name :
Reg Number :
IC Number :
Course :






"Thank God I've got more
A's but haven't get rid of far I've made some improvement but they are people who scored like 4 A's..5A's or all A'sss....without a C kay....I'll just keep it up.."

Perak Trip

First time been to Ipoh.I have to indicate that not much photos will be display as i haven't buy my own camera remember??...hehe...Didn't expect much on my Nokia 6110 equipped with 2 .0 mega pixel ! However after this Perak trip which organised by SSSS( Sabah&sarawak Student Society) I've made new friends and have the feeling like" ooh, this is IPOH".....

Ipoh is the state capital of Perak. It is located north to Kuala Lumpur, about 2 hours and 15 mins travel duration by car or 15 mins travel duration by airplane. The city is a much more peaceful place if compared to the busy and crowded Kuala Lumpur. Many local residents take it as the best place of living for retirement.
Oh yea, by the way, Ipoh is given the beautiful name as "Hill City" since it is surrounded by hills.

Even in the heart of the city, you wouldn't expect to see many high floor buildings. Why? Because of the restriction rule from the state government. Why again? You may find a clue for the answer from the name "Hill City".
Since Ipoh is surrounded by hills, there would be a problem for the landing or take off of airplanes larger than Boeing 737. Hence, there is no international airport in the city. This is also the main reason of the existing rule to restrict building heights in the city.

It is true that Ipoh may not have many popular tourist attractions, such as high profile beaches and sunshine in tropical countries.
But it is also true...
... that Ipoh presents its uniqueness to the eye of the world by providing peacefulness, relaxation, choices of delicious food, historical buildings art, limestone cave temples etc.

Cave Temples

Threes main limestone cave temples in the city are Perak Tong, Sam Poh Tong and Kek Lok Tong. For your information, "Tong" means 'cave' in Chinese.

It's a 2 days 1 night trip which costs Rm 60 including accomodation and bus fee(college bus). I'll join next time if there's any trip like this cos it's gonna be very very boring to be in the hostel during public holidays kay like yesterday. I'd been watching this "Gem of life" and finished it means Episode 82! !.....I want to collect more hillsongs but didn't know where else to get it except from friends or from the net!.... Fine let's get back to the trip.

Historical Buildings

Lagoon Theme Park

A new tourist attraction in Ipoh. It is the first water theme park in Ipoh.
Have you ever heard of or been to KL Sunway Lagoon theme park? This is sort of its branch in Ipoh. Another Sunway Lagoon theme park that located at Tambun, Ipoh instead.

The infomation above was taken from the net.^.^
This morning mom told me that she's coming to KL, again, and invited me to go Malacca. Honestly I didn't plan to join them as i went to Malacca before. Plus I haven't got the chance to go to my own church in Setapak this semester and missed 2 meetings on the church camp too.It sounds terible right?...
yea...view Liang's blog for this perak trip...

Monday, March 2, 2009


haha...I'm in the college now!

This is the first day for semester 3. I was rushing to the class tho it's 10:00 am! ! I thought I will be there earlier and talk to myself waiting my friends to come YET...I was late for the class causing by a few incidents. First I woke up at 8:30pm even though my alarm did wake me up at 7:15am!! The main point is the whole hostel I guess was blackout, again! Plus, I have to do my laundry as I have tons of dirty+ smelly clothes. After all the blackout and laundry thing it's already comes stomachache...Apparently the cereal is working so I go toilet lo...'hehe".....

..ahh..An indian girl who lives next 2 rooms was asking my help as she locked herself up outside the room, it reminds me about locking myself outside the room for more than 3 times for past 2 semesters I ran down twice to the office to get the spare key cus I thought it was 216 but 214....She didn't go by herself as she was wearing pyjamas...*pink one*...

well i hope she's not reading my blog , supposingly, if not she's gonna kill me...haha

This is the time table and subjects for this short semester!

10am-12am Bahasa Malaysia Lanjutan
1pm - 3pm Science for building (L)

8am-10am Tamadun Islam dan Asia

12pm-2pm Science for building (L)

8am-10am B.M Lanjutan

1pm-3pm T.Islam dan Asia (L) class on SAT and it is not as packed as past 2 sem...BUT....wth is BM and Tamdadun Islam....."alamak".....

I'm hungry now and should take my lunch now.....