Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wall and floor tiling

Today's workshop!.....

Blood donation!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Davis sides!!

Have you heard of him??ah ah...

A new sensational and versatile artist has emerged in the music industry, and his name is David Sides from Riverside, California. Musically known as "D-Sides" by many within the music industry, this highly talented and amazingly gifted, 24-year old pianist and composer is a self-taught musician primarily playing by ear.

Mr. Sides gained his initial musical inspiration at the tender age of 10, while listening to The Lion King soundtrack. "I've always had a thing for movie scores, but growing up with such a love for the sound of a piano, The Lion King's score was more soulful than those of many other soundtracks, and those sounds just stuck with me."

Ever since his performance of "Apologize" racked up over 4.5 million viewers on YouTube as one of the most-watched artists of 2008, David Sides has quickly become a national and international superstar, known for his unparalleled ability on the piano. Reminiscent of Stevie Wonder with flair, sellout crowds fall in love with David for his God-given talent and humble personality.

View his site for more info....http://www.myspace.com/davidsides

Fated to love you

A really unfashionable working class girl Chen Xin Yi has the desire to tie down her handsome boyfriend to be with her. Due to certain reasons, her boyfriend gets her to go on a love cruise and she started to ponder on how to lose her virginity and tie down her boyfriend. Xin Yi ended up getting drunk and went into Ji Cun Xi's room. Cun Xi is the sole male heir to his family's company and has been in love with his girlfriend, Anna, for a long time. He planned to propose to Anna on the boat but she didn't turn up on the cruise. An island owner added drugs into Cun Xi's drink and Cun Xi became disorientated and returned to his own room. Xin Yi and Cun Xi end up having a one night stand. Xin Yi later finds out that she's pregnant and Cun Xi's grandmother forces them to get married. Will a couple forced to marry for the sake of their unborn child find love with each other?


When you step into a shower, which part of the body do you wash first?
Please select a body first?
A. Chest
B. Face
C. Armpits
D. Hair
E. Privates
F. Shoulders
G. Others
Now Scroll Down To See What Your Answer Means.

A. Chest:You are a practical person. Straightforward and do not beat aroundthe bush. To you, convenience is of paramount importance. You hate to be distracted when concentrating and are impatient with people who do not see things your way. A good sex partner and willing to try newthings. Your best partner in life will be those who choose D (Hair).

B. Face:Money is important to you and you will do anything to get it.Integrity and dignity is not important. You feel that friends are there to be used and life is one big hassle. Other people find it hard to understand you, but you are not concerned as to what they think.Very self-centered person. Average sex partner as too selfish andtend to be absorbed in self pleasure at the expense of your partner. Your best partner in life will be those who choose E (Privates) and G (Others).

C. Armpits:You are a dependable and hard working person. Generally verypopular person as you are very down to earth and willing to helpothers. Tend to get yourself into trouble as you cannot tell whether people are genuine towards you. Make very poor sex partners as you are the working type with average talent. Your best partner in lifewill be those who choose F (Shoulders).

D. Hair:Artistic type. Daydreaming is your hobby, but you can achieve whatmost other people cannot. Dedication is lacking, but you will work tirelessly towards goals which are to your liking. Money is not important. Friends are but only intellectuals and fellow artistictypes. Make the best sex partners as you are most willing to exploreand please ther other partner. Talent is your main strength. Your best partner in life will be those who chose A (Chest) and E (Privates).

E. Privates:Shy type. You lack self confidence and tend to be bullied by others. You do not have lots of friends as others find you boring and unattractive. Perserverance is not your strength and you tend to give up easily and at the first opportunity. However, you make an aboveaverage sex partner. You are able to show your true emotions to very few people. Hence in sex, you find your inner strengths. Your bestsex partner in life will be those who choose B (Face) and D (Hair).

F. Shoulder:A born loser. You fail in everything that you do. People dislike youand you tend to spend your time alone. Your type have been known to be heavy gamblers and drinkers. You see the world as a livin hell. Money and power is also important to you. But your luck will alwaysfail you. You make a lousy sex partner. You will find it difficult tofind a partner in life. Those who choose C (Armpits) are your only chance.

G. Others:You are a very average person. Undoubtedly, you have your inner strengths, but people find it hard to see. You must learn to be a little bit more adventurous and see your potential. Deep down, you are very likeable person with very few faults. However, the key will be tomake your strengts stand out and not just hide you weaknessess. Youare an average sex partner. You have great fantasies about different techniques, but unfortunately are not brave enough to try them out. Your best partner in life will be those who choose B (Face).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Building workshop

Wall bricks...

Monday, July 14, 2008

MY Daily life............

7.00pm..."so po"..

PICss on The camp@ Malacca

Myf camp--Malacca--


SIng :"ahhh"
It's worth it for RM 150 3 days 2 night
YES we did it...WInner for teh drama..
Spot me??
Photo shooting session

Boris(UTAR) & I
Desmond(my dad??)& I
AH HAA!..Caught in action..He was trying to frighten me by using the plastiv bag..

View this for more more more photos....*.*

Pasar MaLAM....

Couting the stick..$$$$
come...choose whtever u want..

KLCC...Sky bridge

Silvester--Ex-president of youth.He went to Singapore,works there

This is the 3D spec...**not ours..ugly enough

Stand like a log??..."Negaraku....