Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Final Semester!


Got to work hard this semester for the sake of my future!

haha....It's already Week 2 and my result was released last week. I am quite happy with it although last semester was really a burden because each of us has to do dissertation. My camera was discharged from the "hospital" yesterday and Thank God they charge me for RM 30.00 only for the delivery fees because I lost my warranty card and it was supposed to be a great amount to be paid but yeahhh....I will take care of my camera!

Since it's just the beginning of the semester, we went to a historical place-Malacca! I have been to Malacca for once only in Diploma Year 1, joining a church camp but I did not have the chance to taste the local food and Jonker Walk.

The decision was made a day before because we were all craving for food as self pampering for this semester. It was 14 of us to Malacca, we departed at around 2pm from KL and came back at night. If you're my Facebook friends you can view more photos there. I'll just pick a few photos here.

Photo below: This is my boyfriend, Adwin in front of the Church of St. Francis Xavier.

We had lunch at one of the restaurants namely Jonker88 in Jonker street.

Photo below: My friend, Chuan Chiang with the Laksa.

Photo below: My friend, Chung Liang with the Cendol. I still prefer the ABC aka Ice Kacang in  
                       my hometown.

After the lunch, we walked around and tasted this.

Photo below: Well- known " 黄梨酥 & 老婆饼".

We also tasted this superb Durian Puff!
It tastes really like the real durian and it's cold and juicy inside.

Another famous local food is the " Chicken Rice Ball". I didn't try it not because I was too full but most of my friends do not recommend as they got upset of their Chicken Rice Ball. I think I should have try it out since I never taste it before.

After that we did some visiting some of the places and did some silly things.

Photo below: No offence.

Photo below: A ride on the "beca".

Photo below: This cake is so nice with layers.


Photo below: My new hair cut with my hat which was bouught in Malacca.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Only 3?

Hi! Finally my blog is updated and this is the first post ever this month! what?!

Have been lazy to update my blog lately even though I'm having my semester holiday. By the way, this will be my last semester holiday because next semester will be my final semester ever. Hopefully I can do well next semester.

I am counting down on my holidays and exactly what the title says. I have only 3 more days to go. 

Connie had gone to London for around 2 weeks ago and Thanks to the today's  technology as we are able to see each other for at any time anywhere. Hopefully she's doing well there and enjoy her life in Europe. Indeed it is a good opportunity to study in London.

Image below: Skype between Connie and Grandpa aka Ah gong

Image below: Connie & Emily

 Image below: Connie is showing her popcorn & Lily

Happy Mooncake Festival / Mid Autuum Festival

Not playing lantern this year as my brother is going to sit for the UPSR exam tomorrow.

Another reason is I couldn't find his desired lantern which I have googled it below here.

I even found special design of mooncake.

But most of us still prefer the traditional mooncake.

I guess I should end this post here.

Good night everybody!

Stanley, you can do it! By the strength of God, no fear shall be in you.