Thursday, August 20, 2009

Untitled post

Let's make it into point form as i don't write long story today^^

1.My parents are in KL now!!

2.Final exam starts on 04/09

3.I'll be in Kuching on 19/09-04-10 for my semester break!!

4. and...most probably i'll do my industrial training in KUCHING, it'll be for like, 3 months

industrial training starting from FEBRUARY 2010 which is after CNY!!

5.some of my coursemates are going to Kuching during this sem break.

"what's special in Kuching??"

6.Gonna be in the college at 6.30am tomorrow for PTPTN!!

7.Love the newly renovated study room in hostel cos it's equipped with...AIR CON !...

8. I was shocked that my friend Kah Ling is now working in a Law firm and going to take law as

9. friend Chiew han is on the "Stage" magazine..cover page somemore! It's a HE.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

pending post!!

play me

This post supposed to be posted up few days before but, I just got no time to post it up!!
sorry about it as i can see from the analysis of nuffnang the number of readers is decreasing and goes up again once i update my blog!!! hahaha

I'post it up first and edit it next time...^^
what i am going to post here is all related to F.O.O.d!