Thursday, February 18, 2010


Now I start to worry my internship which is 11 weeks from on 22-02-2010 to 08-05-2010!!
I hope that I can cope with it and do well in it! In fact, we have to write diary which is to provide an authenticated record of the training and may be useful when applying for membership of professional institutions at a later date.

Whatever it is, it's either suffer during the training or enjoy! Most probably the former one huh!

Let's talk about TIGER year then, I am so happy that each of us get to gather around this year like those in the past but it' s kinda lonely or less "crowded" compared to last year. Most of the families aren't at home but traveling!!

I'm going to attend a wedding tomorrow and i believe that most of us are looking forward into it cos it's gonna be GRAND! why?? For instance, they have their designers from Kl and Macau/Hong Kong to design the wedding like the decorations of the church and the clothes of the flower child . Stanley is one of them!!

Actually I have a lot of pictures to share with you here, due to my laptop overheat and need to be sent for "medical Check-up" at Hp tower, I can do nothing about it!! It is a sad news but also a good news cos I can buy a new one instead! haha....

Happy Chinese New Year !!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ooh~ This is HOME

What can I say..

Kuching is still under development but it is a place to start a family or stay instead of shopping or travelling. (maybe it does for foreginers to explore)

I went for facial treatment this afternoon, very relaxing indeed.

Chinese New Year is coming soon but this is the worse year cos I have no time to shop for new clothes!! sad~

Get ready for my internship!!!!

I've no mood to blog now maybe because of the lucky draw Pet Society.....There are people still playing it and I'm one of it!! haha

That's all!!
God bless~