Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My first day in Kuching

A tiring day!!

You will smell a heavy durian smell if you are talking to me now!

He tried his very best to ask me to stay in KL as he really scared to be alone..

Eat alone, shop alone, watch alone . . .I guess as well as Lily. (sleep alone!!)

I guess Lily's best room mate now should be her laptop!! Accompany her days and nights. haha

I was teaching my brother.

He was trying my new camera too!

Adwin complained to me that I only say Byebye to Lily with pictures on the previous post. so....

Click here for a larger one.

See you guys in May!!

Take care my dear!

Start packing!

Sayonara Lily!!

See you on 10 March 2011!!!

Take care..

"Hi Emily & Stanley!!! muahaha"

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Hectic morning

This morning was so busy on checking my result, booking air ticket and making phone calls!

Firstly, my result considers as average. Distinction is too far from me but I will just do my best!

Next, there is a Big sales on Airasia. Hurry up if you want to fly somewhere during September 2011 until February 2012.

Lily is flying back to Kuching during week 4, since she got too free here. heehee....

A lot of things in my mind now such as , confirmation of my thesis's title. I am still thinking of changing of my title or not. That's why we are going to the college to collect some information in the library. Hoping my future supervisor won't reject my title. muahaha~

I am so excited about the trip to Taiwan. It is the first family trip out of Malaysia, except the Singapore trip long long time ago. That was only 5 of us with mom only. I wish we can make it to China during coming chinese new year!! haha

After I came back from Cameron Highlands I am so in love with strawberries! It's super awesome! It cannot last for very long because it is fresh without preservatives! Cameron Highlands is unexpectedly very cold at night. very very cold. but normal during the day. We stayed in an apartment which is clean with new furniture and it is just nice. No doubt the fruits and vege are very fresh. We visited a lot of farm such as The bee farm, The cactus point etc

ooh no! I hope I am in cameron now, the weather here in Kl is so hot causing me headache!

I went o KLCC last night. Thanks my dear of bring me out eventhough you are busy with your job and thanks for the flowers which you tie it on your own.

I have made my own wish list this year.

1. Christian Dior 5-Colour Designer Eyeshadow - Amber Design No. 708
2. Coach Handbag
3. Sunglasses
4. Iphone? maybe

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy new year 兔 you

Tomorrow is the last day of Chinese New Year 2011.

Most probably Lily & I are going to dine with Adwin at his hometown.

This semester could be very easy & relax for me since I got "holidays" for myself in Kuching! However, I need to start my Final Year Dissertation as soon as possible. Speaking of this, it always come across my mind that should I change my topic that I proposed? A good topic is indeed very hard to find! The topic should be neither too easy or too difficult to achieve. "Ahhhh" It is killing me!! Besides, another problem is, sooner, I think next year, I will have to step into "working life" and say "byebye" to my college life forever!!! No way!!"

This semester going to be easy for Lily as well cause this is short semester and she's having only 2 subjects with little little class a week. How little ar? Class only on Monday to Thursday, such as for today, her class is from 8am to 9 3oam. after that FREE! haha...

Take care Lily!! and also the room......--.................--!

Happy Birthday to daddy!!

We celebrate it earlier than the true date and we made this!!

We love fireworks especially during New year eve.


Dad is setting up the fire cracker!!

Happy new year 兔 you!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Go & back

I am currently away from Kuching for 10 days. Today will be the first day in KL.

I feel really really tiring but I decided to face the computer rather than laying on my bed. *heehee*

I am now greeting " Happy Valentines day",
May those who are seeking lovers found their perfect partners during this special day
May those who already have their partners, do appreciate your another halves.
May this greeting brighten up your days!!

I found this cute so I pick it as a greeting card here!

Adwin & I have planned where to spend out time on the Valentines day.
Its a near and long-time-no-see place from Wangsa Maju.

yea yea...


Genting Highlands!

and we will continue our Valentines day on this coming weekend in Cameron Highlands!

"huh? Looks like we like those high lands very much"

Next thing is :
I want to S.H.O.P!

Just simply browsed through the Aurora's website. Seriously, I really think that those new arrivals are so tempting. . .

This one looks like Lily's.

Another piece.

I watched a lot in Kuching.


Good night everyone!

Have a nice rest.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year!

In order to keep my blog synchronize with the current moment!

I found my blog always have delayed post or unrelated to the happenings. . .

Sometimes even have this idea to stop writing but I still want to keep this so that I can look back maybe while I am old?

Have a prosperous year ahead!