Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A little update

The presentation for LEGAL STUDIES.
This is actually for the graduates but we "sam pat" so take photos here as memories right?
I've got the approval for PTPTN online application so now I have to get those documents to be certified!!

Mid term test for Economics this coming SAT 01/08/09
Building Services coming MON 03/08/09
Measuremeny II coming TUES 04/08/09

One more thing, sometimes I have readers from Malaysia of course but I am surprise to have readers from Japan others I am not cos I know I have friends there like, United Kingdom, Singapore, India. ^^

Dear readers, as this is already week 10 which means all those

mid term test are around the corner and

after the mid term test it's FINAL EXAM..

and after the FINAL EXAM it's HOLIDAYS!!!....

HOLIDAYS means what??..


BACK TO KUCHING means what again??

PART TIME DRIVER blablabla.....

TO share-out the burden of the family lo..

OKAY, I should stop here!!

Praise the Lord!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Online shopping

okay, since this topic attracts girls a lot...I'll buy it as soon as possible to tell the quality etc. and actually I can tell the quality now.

1. cos my friend,Steffi is the one who "inspired" me to go online shopping as she bought a bag or
bags first but the thing is her friend is familiar with the buying procedure as her friend(Steffi's
friend) always buy in a big group. um, get it? means that if I want to i can ask Steffi's friend
help me to buy or something...anyway, I'll try to buy myself too...ISn't hard right?? (i guess)

2.actually if u go time square u can get the exactly the same bag u see online!! and let me tell
you, sometimes online bags are cheaper, or most of the time.

All in all, the quality depends on your ....skill! ya, cos some of the bags are godd but some of them aren't. not all of the quality are good, not all of the quality are bad. ^^

If I face any difficulties on this I'll try t get some help from my cousin, Dianna!!!! cos i know she 's pro in this!!!
This semester I got no time to watch my drama/movies la...cannot tell it's good news or bad. haha...TEST, PRESENTATION, TEST, ASSIGNMENTssss....
There's one presenatation this Thurs for Legal studies and the submission date for 2 assignments is around the corner!!! ahhhhh~

Upcoming post:
BE right back!!!
Lastly, i like the music for the darlie's advertisement!! can anyone tell me what's the name of anything of the music?.....

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm lovin it

First of all, this is the website!....

Maybe i' gonna get anyone of it!!!!.......but which one should I buy??


Above:: BG 1150/RM 28

ABoveL:: RM 26 ONLY!!

Above:: BG 747/Rm28

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The moment you saw the title, Ikea, any “thing” just flashed by?
It’s CURRYPUFF or.....Meatball...
(i went to Ikea again and not yet digest those photos)

We were given an assignment for this subject -Building Services II
where we have to conduct a case study about all the services provided in a public building. Well, we’ve chosen


It wasn’t the first time went out with some of them cos we went to Ikea last time mainly for shopping but this one, mainly for the assignment!!
I would like to show you some faces of my classmates.
Mei Yun the girl in Purple who likes purple a lot, as you can see she’s “playful” enough to play with the trolley publicly in TESCO.

AND…she’s “tiny” enough to “place” herself inside a…

I forgot the name but it’s for kids.

*Talking to CONNIE*
Nowadays I don’t really put on make up and contact lens so you’ll find me with this, students-look!!
And…I donlt really wear skirts here in KL cos it is uncomfortable no matter I’m going to shopping or especially the college.

DO you want some solid examples???....
YES, of course you do!!

Since I’m posting some parts of my college, I’ll just show you
the library

One of the carparks

And ……some of the “hostelians” are using bikes as their “vehicle” to the college.

The building below here is Sports complex

Around 10-15 min walk to the college.

You can purchase swimming tickets, Gym tickets as well as Bus tickets here.

Sometimes I’ll go to gym workout right, this is the one.

I’ll try to capture some buildings of my college like
Canteen I & canteen II, Citc, Football field, college hall, basketball/tennis court, etc
The canteen

**Back to the topic**
Let’s GO to IKEA!!!

This is Daiso in the curve

Don’t be frightened of the photo below!!!


the blogger

Presented 2 you by

Saturday, July 11, 2009

FAILED to book air ticket

I was trying book air ticket for CNY but FAILED!....Mom 's in Taiwan and something's wrong with her card. HOW?...

Hey guys, I just cancelled my friendster 's account!!

Love this song!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My laptop is fully OCCUPIED

My laptop is fully occupied!! I need to get myself an external XX.
“Kim is counting on PC fair”….I should visit the PC fair in KL even though I have nothing to buy cos it’s much more bigger than Kch’s. I never go to PC fair in my life by the way.

Lately as I told you I always get dramas/movies from my friends right. The latest dramas are

which is a Taiwanese drama and a Hong kong drama

as well as Korean one ,Cinderella man………………

I have no time to watch those series and I also got movies like hotels for dogs ,Chi hua hua(half watching it)

Since I said my laptop is so full, so i did some “review “ on My Pictures which occupies 17.4 GB.

Let me show you some of them. Hehe

It was taken at Dang Wangi station if I’m not wrong.
And this…

was taken at Jusco, Wangsa Maju. DURIANS…..They have the code for durians in KL, for kuching I’m not so sure. D 24 is the best. It’s durian’s season, have you eaten???

ME? Of course I did!!

It was last weekend when I went to my aunt’s place!!hehe, in case you do not know, my uncle the one in blue shirt he has the nickname “Prince Durian” 榴莲王子, haha, from the nickname you should know why.
his son didn't even take one ...
He said he doesn't like it....

Thank you for buying so many durians!!
He bought some home to aunty’s house.

My youngest aunty, ( are you reading it??haha)

Oh, that night after the durian thing, we had a dinner at..somewhere near Selayang.

^Kids Fooling around^

Photo below: Conn always have this expression while taking picture, Ryan showing the interest in “Fried rice”.
Some photos on dinner that I went two weeks ago.
Besides the dinner, we had this photo shooting sessionj at Jackie’s studio.
Some of you may think “ Is she serious about the slim-down plan??...
Let the photo proves everthing……..

It was taken in the this morning !!

I helped Dianna to but the red table at Ikea before i went back to Kuching last two weeks, for her new basically it's for her room.