Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tae Bo- Billy Blanks

Hey guys..

Some of you may not know what Tae bo  so I just want to share it here.

I've googled it for some information so that it may help with your understanding.

Tae Bo is a unique home workout system that combines basic martial arts moves, aerobic exercise and dance. Almost everyone who was around in the late nineties should have heard about Tae Bo as it has been featured on almost every television program and every newspaper.

Billy Wayne Blanks (born September 1, 1955) is an American fitness guru, martial artist and  and the inventor of the Tae Bo exercise program.

Tae Bo was created by professional martial artist Billy Blanks and is designed for everybody. There are lots of different Tae Bo workouts to choose from and depending on your training exercise you can either start off with the basic training and work up or go straight into one of the advanced workouts.

The benefits of Tae Bo Workouts
  • Burn fat and tone your body
  • You can do them at any time
  • Do as little or as much as you want
  • Easy to follow
  • Inexpensive
  • Proven to work
  • For men AND women

Now, you should be clearly know that Tae Bo is an exercise program which strengthen your body and probably stay HEALTHY! I knew this through one of my uncles from US who actually burn it into a disc and he brought it back to Malaysia I think years ago and I actually do this like daily when I was in Form 4/5. If you try to do this Tae Bo exercise programme you'll find yourself sweating a lot and you might not be able to finish the whole programme the first time. After I did some research on it I discovered that there are many types of workout and what I am doing is Tae Bo Flex.

I think I should ask my boyfriend to read this post because when I tell him that I could not pick up his calls because I was doing Tae Bo exercise and he'll ask ," ha?what?What's that?" I will need to spend some time to explain with him and I know he doesn't really know what it really is. This is also why I wanted to share it here I know there will be someone like him. haha....no offence ya. You can simply search it from youtube if you do not want to buy the disc and it is really convenient when you are lazy to go out for jogging or it happens to be a rainy day.

This is not the workout that I do but I like it very much maybe the song is more energetic and I like the design with reddish background. Plus they look more like the latest them. 

Yaa, this is the one that I have but it is only part of it. That's why I prefer in Dvds. Firstly, I see from Tv not the 14 inch screen of my laptop and the speaker that we have at the living room has got better sound.

Besides that, I have another home workout which is very much different from Tae Bo. Tae Bo is very western while 五行健康操 is the other way round.























See? Feel very true of what I said earlier? Yaa, it is in Chinese and those words you see above from no.1 till no.18 are the names for the moves....haha...Once again I knew this from my church's friend. Both workouts are helpful and you move and sweat better than sitting there in front of Tvs or computers whole day long! NEVER SAY NEVER~

Good night!!

May Gob Bless you!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


It was my first time to Sabah and normally when people say Sabah, they probably go either the mountains or the islands. I didn't go for both but only the town.

In case you do not know, I went with my mom and Stanley.....as well as other badminton players from Sarawak.

I am gonna show some of the view from the plane which I always love to see the sky with the cloud and amazed by God's art!

This is where the plane's going to land the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

Here I noticed an island.

Mom and I.

Settling down in Tang Dynasty Hotel.

The badminton court.

The building next to it with some kind of mosque design.

I'll end this post here first otherwise I'm gonna take days to finish it?

Hope you enjoy it and there'll be more photos on Facebook.

More updates on Sabah trip so welcome back~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An early greeting.

Happy Easter day everyone!

I won't be able to greet you during the Easter day because I will be in K.K.

The photo was taken I think last week at The Spring. 

Having headache last night before I went to bed and it is still there when I woke up  this morning.
This may be due to staying inside the badminton court too long yesterday. It's Stanley again. Inter school competition....

I am proud to announce that

Champion of the mens double match
Second place for the single match


Good luck to your competition in Sabah too.

Some add-on here:

After I published this post, Lily was laughing at me and said," This short of post take you days to post?"
Feeling guilty and trying to add some more here.

Lily and Emily has got new phones...on the same day.

with the same casing.

Thank you Stanley of being my model again.

A familiar place.

I personally like it very much because it looks beautiful with the bluish sky and some greeny turfing on the ground.

In case you want to know, it was taken by

Monday, April 11, 2011


WE in love of this game recently.

Let's battle!

Stanley vs Lily

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Movie night

Hop is nice!

Stanley is acting the chick next to Lily.

In the cinema.

Just ignore mom's face, she was having popcorn.

Friday, April 8, 2011

A trip tp TAIWAN!

I am now doing homework on this Taiwan trip.

This is a trip from my church, Chin Seng Methodist Church....There's about 22+- of us.

Pray that we'll enjoy the trip and we know that God will be with us....

The schedule of the trip as follow:

19/06-台茂购物中心, 西门町
22/06-雪山隧道,101大楼,小人国主体乐园, 锋甲夜市
24/06-佃栗果园,淡水老街,阳明山国家公园, 士林夜市

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Someone's back!

Someone's back for 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello April

Hello people out there!

I'm going back to KL on 29 April 2011 which is about a week earlier the semester starts.

should I say, the final year?


I'm going to make another announcement:

Kimberly is going to KK (Kota Kinabalu),

21 April 2011- 24 APril 2011

Oh yea~

I'm going because I've persuaded mom that I can be their photographer for Stan's competition so.....


Let's jump to this,
below here



 I rate it as 8/10.
cute and funny.

Overall I enjoy the movie with Stanley and Emily, yesterday.

The bunny, EB. He's obviously without doubt, CUTE and ADORABLE.
The little chi is very very funny.