Friday, January 28, 2011

He's in Kuching!

The trip to the beach was awesome! 6 of us were really enjoyed and had fun there.

He just left Kuching few hours ago and we just came back from Damai Puri at noon ...

Photo above: Taken before leaving from Damai Puri.

Of course I brought him to major parts of Kuching since he spent 5 days 4 nights here! Then he told me that he can drive me anywhere because mom gave me a To-do list such as:

1. Collect kampung chicken at the bus station in 3rd mile
2. Go to CIMB, Hong Leong, 3rd mile again
3. Pay the telephone bills, somewhere near Wisma Saberkas

Fetch Stanley from badminton training.

Not forgetting that sending Stanley's breakfast will be part of his trip too!

His latest record is - Go to B.D.C for 5-6 times per morning!

Alright! This is the second time he visited Kuching. I still failed to bring him to take photo with the three huge cats located in the city and failed to bring him to Crocodile farm, Kampung budaya and Orang utan.

oops! S.O.R.R.Y

His favourites f.o.o.d are:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shopping time

The feelings and sayings I'm having right now is repeated each end of semester.
"yeah....after exam!! Do anything i want and eat whatever it is"
"no more assignments!!"
"I'm freee!!
"Bye kl, Hi Kuching!"
"For so long I haven't been doing something on my face!! *face mask* *facial wash* * make up?*
"Another semester passed!!"
For so long I never visit my own blog! "Hi blog, how do you do!"
My blog won't be fulled of photos, I mean the happenings until I got my new camera!
So I'll just post some photos on this semester.
We went to this Industrial building, Royal Selangor, for our assignment.

I think the photo below was taken before I a night out.

I'll just end my post here cos going to Times square later!