Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's about Taiwan.

The photo below: Group photos with the Mr Tour guide second row on the left.
We address him as 小扬 and he rejected to take photo with us plus he likes Stanley very much.

He is very humorous and fun.

Photo below is taken at 情境农场

Taipei 101 is s must visit place in Taiwan. 

The schedule of the trip as follow:

19/06-台茂购物中心, 西门町
22/06-雪山隧道,101大楼,小人国主体乐园, 锋甲夜市
24/06-佃栗果园,淡水老街,阳明山国家公园, 士林夜市

Before heading to Taiwan, we overnight at Tune hotels which is nearby LCCT.
They are from Jakarta and this is the first time we meet them at Tune. There's a story to share here. My dad was using the computer provided by Tune and the lady on the left who is the mother of the two girls in the middle in black asked if my dad could let her use the computer or not because Tune was fully occupied and they have no place for them to rest. Finally, parents offered them a room and we can squeezed into 2 rooms with 6 if us. They are also Christians and they were so grateful of what we did but all in all, but we should Thank God of this beautiful  meet. We made friends at Tune Hotels!! hahaahaaa.....

We should visit Jakarta next time!!

It was my first time to visit Tune and the first though when I opened the door was like" wow....sooo small and the layout is so organised and utilised"

It takes about 4 hrs 40 mins from Malaysia to Taiwan.
The longest flight I've ever get on.

We are not allowed to stop here for shooting because I heard the whistle but we were just too excited!

 During this looonnng flight we sleep, take photos, play games, chit-chat, go toilet, eat then sleep again, take photos, play games, chit-chat...........then look at the watch and the window....haa? still so blue...

Finally, TAIWAN!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Her goodies

Good mornin! !

I am going to post about goodies that I bought from Taiwan but before this I have to apologize to my friends especially my boyfriend of not buying anything from Taiwan. If I can go back to that moment I definitely will but something, anything for him. He was so sad that I didn't even buy him a Nike slipper as he just got his left foot hurt and at least if I did buy he can wear it now. hmmm...I have no idea what's wrong with me. Insufficient of cash and time is totally not workable for him but this is real!! My friends were so sad too because I know, they expected to eat something that I brought fro Taiwan but again, Bi-ya-ne-yo!

The goodies that I have from Taiwan is very little but he was shocked to see me with 3 pairs of shoes back. 

I hope the size that I am using is not too big because I hate to see very small photos on my blog.Anyway bought myself small bags and I have 2 on the top. The pink one below is Lily's while the Red one below is mom's.

Photos that we took at 小人国。
Feel so sad that my granny is unable to make it before the trip but Thank God that she's getting well now.

I bought this shirt before I went to Taiwan and I wore it on Day 2 with the pants that I bought on Day 1.

I bought a shades before the Langkawi trip and I counld not find a suitable time to post about it and here it is.

It's from Gucci and everyone's lovin it.

I bought the 4th shoe this month last night. He was again, speechless!
We dined at KFC, Jusco nearby and there was 50% on Vincci .
I probably cannot resist myself and finally I bought it.
Brown wedges, going to wear this soon only after we are free to date!

I could not wear short pants out for a while as my leg is not presentable after coming back from Taiwan.
That's also why I do not show my shoes with my leg wearing it.

Although he was upset, he will still helped me to clean the filter yesterday.



Conclusion: KL's water is very dirty.

Last but not least, being so 38 to bring all these from Taiwan.
That's why Lily said I made the best 38 wife in the future!

Have a nice day ahead!

Jesus loves you!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A week of vacation.

Hi there! 

I just came back from Taiwan last night and normally you'll see something like this after the trip.

Of course I am blogging this only after I finished unpacking the luggage and Lily and I had sent our blanket, bed sheet etc to the laundry this morning after attending the morning service. Now I need to clear up my mind with all the Taiwan thing and start revising my assignments and test. 

Being a week in Taiwan and I realized that Taiwan is a lot more different from my country which is Malaysia. Taiwan comprises of mostly Chinese (Hakka) and some Taiwanese aborigines (原住民) while Malaysia has mainly Malays, Chinese and Indians. The weather in Taiwan from June to September is hot and humid like Malaysia and that's why my face got worsen than before with more pimples, freckles and blackheads!! I know I gained a lot of weights in Taiwan so I'll just ignore about this. *no hope laa*

I'm not going to speak too much here but Taiwan has got better airport than Malaysia. It's a shopping mall with a lot of duty free shops like Tods, Gucci, Coach, cosmeticss, Mont Blanc....and  Taiwanese love Hello Kitty very much!

I saw this in their airport, although I do not like Hello Kitty but it's so cute!

This is what behind the door.
A baby room.

Within a short distance there's one shop selling all Hello Kitty stuff.

The Hello Kitty is holding a boarding pass.

 Hello Kitty's playground.

Alright! I'm hungry now should get something for myself.

See more photos on my Facebook.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

This is so cool!

This is the most unique wedding I've ever ever seen before and no doubt she's the happiest woman in the world! The wedding would not be a success if she did not say "Yes" and I love the songs. 

Ready to go?

Oh no! My nightmare begins when I received the news that we're having test on Week 7!!! I hope special adjustment can be made for me. It totally ruined my plan as before this I was so happy that everything's fine, no test and submission of assignment on that week. Now the lecturer delayed the test and I think I'm just gonna convince her either have the test earlier or postpone it.

Luckily there's no weighing scale in my room, err, maybe there is but Rosak (out of service). This is because I have to do my assignment later and I am feeling HUNGRY. This is just gonna make me fat fat and very fat. No exercise, sleep insufficiently in other words OT(overtime) for assignments, no fruits and supper!! I guess this is enough to explain why I could not lose weight in KL and having dark circle into very dark circle. By the way I hope the font that I'm using now is readable because I thought this font is cute and relaxing. hmm...should try out other adjectives cos I'm bad in describing.

Alright I should blog about the week that Dad, Mom and Stanley came. I purposely blog about it late cos Mom said it is dangerous to tell people where you are and I think it is true that we should have the privacy. But blogging it now is also showing no privacy and at least I'm not in danger, or we. 

Photo below: The competition was held at Stadium Badminton Kuala Lumpur.

Photo below: My little and only brother.

Photo below: Am wiping the saliva dipping from mouth while looking at this photo and I think this is why it is called as "Kou shui porridge" although we had it for a few days in a row as our lunch.

Photo below: Followed the other players and teachers to have dinner at Sungei Wang.
and I have no idea what's Stanley doing there.

Photo below: Snowflakes before going back to hotel.

I know this post consists around 80% of Stanley's photos but he's just too cute and I am so excited to see him in a week time. haha

Photo below: The representatives from Sarawak.

Photo below: Boys under 12 year=old.

Although you did not win the game but we are so proud of you! You've done a great job!

Good night guys.

I will be back!
Photo below: In Penang.