Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Examination is near.

I have 2 subject in a row! The first was in the afternoon and the next subject is in the morning. oh no...This is really bad. I really wish that I can do works without sleep. I have total of 5 subject this semester and 1 subject is 100% coursework. Many assignments are not submitted yet as well as my dissertation Chapter 1 2 3. 

The last submission is 10 Aug and exam will be started on 17 Aug. In other words, that 7 days is super important to me. Life is so cruel man~

Another sad case is my camera which was newly bought on Feb 2011 is dead now. The great thing is it is still under warranty but I lost the warranty card! arrrrrrghhhh.....

Examination is near and holiday is coming! I should not hope for this coming holiday because I have to do my dissertation! Why can't we submit only chapter 1 this semester and submit the literature review chapters at the beginning of the next semester? Since we have around 25 days of holiday!

I should not stay here any longer so Good luck people! All the best~

*peace*    V--........--!  

I hope this is not going to happen neither before the exam or during!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Urban Decay

Hi! Today I'm going to share this eye shadow that I've been looking for a while.

There's no outlet in Malaysia so far as well as Taiwan but what I have found from Urban Decay's website is they have stores in Singapore. That is the nearest country from Malaysia! However, I don't think I am going to Singapore so far. But I do not take the step to buy it online because I've never try buying things from the website. Should try it out soon, when I am free for this.

This is one of the Best sellers of Urban Decay product called Naked Palette and the one in purple is a Eye shadow Primer Portion where you will need to apply it before applying eye shadow. 

So gorgeous right? I know this product through From Head To Toe by Jen who i s designer and freelance makeup  artist. I always check up her blog to learn how to make up.

You will find a link on the right .

This is the latest video on Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette.

Enjoy watching!

Before I end this post I'll like to share something on the Taiwan trip.

I am proud of myself of having guts to try this.

3 of us were the first on that day.

But there were more friends joining us.

This is fun too.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

They wear the same

Have been thinking of wearing the same shirt with my dear and I found this from Facebook.

very cute.
These a couple and I want them all!!


Now they even have shirt matches with dress.

very attractive too.

Maybe the models are too sweet makes me wanna wear them all.

He finally got it in the college as there is a "Campus Experience Centre" in TAR college and he could not resist the temptation anymore.

Alright, I'll start with my revision because I'm having test tonight.


Something extra for Taiwan trip

This is definitely surprising when you found out you're in a proposing video on Facebook. I know it is not really a thing but just want to share it here.
This is place is called 西门町 in Taipei .
We stayed nearby on Day1 and the last day of the trip. 

We were quite fortunate to examine this, a proposal in the street where we normally see on the internet.

It was a live show man.

You can watch the video on it on my FB because I did share about it of course.
or you can view it here.

The lady was kept crying and cry and cry.

Photo below: I could not take the most exciting part due to my height.

Congratulations to a celebrity from Taiwan who just got married.
The same studio I think.

Click here to watch.


Good night.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The clock talked loud

Time is precious but time is also money! I enjoy my life with endless of assignments, tests and dissertation until I the day I graduate! Speaking of my dissertation, I can only say that " I 'miss' my supervisor" because we have not met for weeks! I think I have been black listed in a way that she will read me as a unproductive and ineffective student. oh well, assignments and Taiwan trip made me hardly to breathe already. Test lagi!

Anyway, I am so happy that my group had scored so high, for me I consider 82 is high for one of our assignments. *she's lifting to the sky*

Alright, let me continue the goodies that I bought in Taiwan lately.

They're made in Korea.


I want this luggage tag so much but I spotted it only when the bus arrived.

I've not been watching dramas/movies at home for a while and in order to release my stress I selected these.

Very very very romantic.

I rate it as 9/10.

I rate this as 9/10 as well.

Both are recommended to watch.

I think that's it for today.

Good night guys.