Monday, January 25, 2010

Good bye KL

Today is th last day of examinaton!! ooh yay......
just came back from Times square
I went straight there to have facial treatment wotrh RM 188 but i only need to pay Rm88 after exam!!

I will be back to KUCHING this WEDNESDAY!!!


Friday, January 8, 2010

In a relationship??

I believe some of you were shocked to see Kim's in a relationship. haha...

Let me make things clear here.

YES, I am!!
Maybe I'll blog more on this later, like during the semester break??

or a short intro la...
His name is Adwin Eu Chi Sheng
a Christian, same age as I am, 20 years old
From Port Dickson
My classmate
He likes clean, neat
He likes to cook as well so most of the times he cooks I wash...

Exams around the corner, again.
From 14-25 JANUARY 2010.
after that I'll in Kuching for like 3 months internship.

Pray for me ya!

I'm not so sure if you know about this which happened today.

The arson attacks made on three churches in Klang Valley.

Pray for this too.

View here for more.

Good night everyone!!