Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is Y.O.U.T.H!

I need more time to sleep!!!

It was very fun and excitin of playing Banana boat but there is one thing which is the bad thing about . This is because it actually hurts .

I'm thinking of curl or not curl my hair this coming Sat for the dinner..

My age is about to reach the age starting with better rajin sikit do more facial treatment!!

This is the best proof of STRESS

Pink carpet!

at only Rm 10.00

For your infomation, I'm now working as Celcom Broadband promoter.....
Gonna edit this post sooner or later,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Isabelle Fuhrman is Beautiful

Have you watched Orphan?

My classmate told me about it today of course I knew this movie before this but after I watched the trailer I know I'm not going to watch it as frightens me kay. but if I'm brave enough someday I will watch it. I found out that this girl, Isabelle Fuhrman is only 12 years old!!! what else, she's actually very pretty! EXCEPT he poster la..

Anyway, this is the one I want to watch!

The Time Travellers Wife


First of all,

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY TO myself!!!

I'm officially 19!
Thank you for your birthday wishes regardless through sms, face to face or facebook...!!

The connection is as slow as a turtle!!! bad bad bad connection in hostel cyber!!

I wanted to watched the trailer for 2012 two days ago and I failed to watch it!!

Should I apply for a broadband?? but next semester I'll be in Kuching what. Let it be then. This semester I am so dare to skip 8am lecture. maybe because I want to sleep moreee....hehe...

So maybe some of you may want to know how Kim celebrate her birthday, do you?

I'll just roughly go through it.

I have to mention that a lot of my friends complained that

" I never meet someone who sleep at 9pm during her birthday eve laaaa, you're the FIRST who did it! are u insane or something?"

haahaha...Let me make ot clear with this. My birthday eve was on Sunday so did I went to church as usual and there was a luncheon held to celebrate 35th aniversary of Setapak Methodist Church. In short, I felt sleepy at night around 830pm but I think it's kinda too early so I slept at 9pm eventually. ok ok..I heard that.

The next day, I celebrated with my classmates together with another two guys, one of them was born on the same date as I a and the other one is on 12th IF I am not wrong.

At night I went to Pastor Tong 's seminar, it was the second time by the way, and after that we went to Lock-up point to have supper.

So far that's all I guess.... ooh,the day before my birthady eve which is last Saturday, I went to Sunway pyramid. Ice-skating is fun!!! We had steamboat at night too!!