Sunday, March 28, 2010

Alice in the wonderland

I went to watch it last night with Emily, Stanley and Lily.

which means we skipped fellowship...

the reason is that's the only time left as Stanley's going to badminton training on sat morning and noon, sun noon. so still can be excused la ho? hmm~

we were quite sad that the movie wasn't in 3D. I believe it would be even better.

Anyway, there's one really weird thing!

I've already known this story "Alice in the wonderland" during my young age but why Emily, Connie & Lily do not know?


Opening ceremony for Pastor's new house!
It is just beside the church

Have a nice day~

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Old + New photos

The song you're listening now, Baba Yetu, the choir is going to perform during the Youth Day!
It was 2 years ago!!

Location: Pulau Pangkor

with my parents and Emmy....

Picture below: snorkeling

Let's jump to 2010!


during CNY, random pictures

Chap Goh Meh

I'm sure you know the problems when watching fireworks at a short distance

Here's the solution

wear sun glasses!!

picture below:taken by Emily, nice

Day 1

Happy Valentines' Day

Picture below: eating "mee sua" is a must-do on the first day of Chines New Year

It was the 6th day of Chinese New Year, the wedding!
or should i say the "B.I.G wedding"

because erm..where should start?
In short la, they have this wedding planner from Macau.

wedding planner means they plan it everything for you.
such as photography, make up, decorations for church, etc

Albert & Xenia's wedding as you can see from the
picture below: my church!!

Chin sheng Methodist church

picture below: the photographers

picture below: actually I wanted to capture the background but my dad just happen to be in the photo

picture below: Stanley and his partner
Those clothes are specially made for them

picture below: all the flowers were from Cameron Highlands

picture below: cupcakes with the logo AX which means Albert&Xenia
oh ya..Do you notice the logo on the white carpet??
scroll up then


like i say earlier they have their own photography team

Youth Day

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's all bout ME

This is the third week of my internship.

How should describe it. It's interesting? tiring? hard? fun?
As I never work as QS trainee before, so it's kinda hard
and sometimes the drawings are complicated and have to study it, it's kinda interesting & fun at first BUT turn out very tiring
cos working life requires lots more responsibility, time and energy!!

work work work...everyday work.
wake up early then work, after lunch work...go back home eat sleep then
wake up early then work, after lunch work...go back home eat sleep then

you know laa...

until the happiest day SUNDAY!!! but after that

wake up early then work, after lunch work...go back home eat sleep .....blablabla

OK..I'll appreciate my college life after this... left only 2 years..sigh~

and do you find that my blog is lack of photos and updates??
Hopefully can be resumed.
everything is in my laptop and it's D.E.A.D!!
so Adwin lends me his laptop and it's D.E.A.D also... I think because of the lighting or blackout that day!!! S.O.R.R.Y!!

I know most of my course mates are waiting for 8 MAY 2010, so am I!!
talking bout MAY, maybe Lily is going to KL too, to be a TARCIAN most probably~
and going to Education fair with her tomorrow....

ok...i should stop myself here...