Friday, December 17, 2010


Well. My title sounds very " eeww" but I really hate constiaption kay!
This is already Week 12 and we are still rushing for assignments!! We gonna have exams for like another 2 more weeks! *pwew*
We, I mean four of us , spent at least RM 700 yesterday. *wow* We bought a lot and at our last destination was Sri Rampai night market to but panties for my cousins and who knows we can spend like Rm 100! Earrings Rm 70 and etc
Conn and Emily are heading to Bukit Bintang now. They should be going to Sungei wang, Times square and Pavillion lah.
okay, that's all!
class at 12pm and obviously I'm late.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Public Holiday

Today is Public Holiday.

Maybe you might be thinking that "She should be hanging out with her boyfriend and sister somewhere in Kl"....

"nope" but we are going to "Charlene's fullmoon dinner" , apparently tonight since it's "dinner" right?

what about now? . . . Lily and I just taken "Old Town Prawn Meehoon-mee" and spending out time with own laptops here.