Thursday, September 30, 2010

My new home in KL

I just made my own breakfast today.
It's tuna roti by using the sandwich toaster that I brought from Kuching. *Delicious& healthy*

Honestly, I spent a lot after moving into the condo.

From the furniture (wardrobe,study table,chair,study lamp) to the cooking stuff(knife,pan&pot,cutting board,etc)

Now please enjoy photos below. ^........^
The Living room

Shoe Rack, before entering the main door.

Master bedroom

Medium room

Single room

My "ka la cang" from Parkson

Cosway shampoo

Rm 5.00 container from Ikea

Rm 3.30 clock from Ikea

Adwin's checking the list. @ Carrefour

I posted more photos on Facebook. Go check and see ya!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One of the favourites!

Taipei 101 ,
a restaurant which is located at RH Plaza, BDC, Kuching
We love Spicy Noodles!
Here is one of the favourites, another one is Live Cafe.

While waiting for food. . .

Stanley who started with this pose and we think that he did a great job.

Let's see who captured with "soul".






oops! too dark~

Take 2


Madam Wong


Here comes the drinks

Happy Belated Brithday to
Stanley Chiong Zhao Jie
with his present Ipod and T-shirt from Connie.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Siblings' night


Goodbye ceremony

This post is specially created to say "Goodbye" officially to a place called
"Asrama Tunku Abdul Rahman"
where I stayed for more than 2 years with my Cousin Emmy aka roomate.

My dear friends,
we have moved to a new place called
PV 12.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Early Bird

I just sent my parents to the airport and a while later I need to send my brother to the school!

what a good sister and daugther right? haha *shy*

I choose to blog because I am afraid that I won't wake up later.

Every time when I am home during semester break, my parents will automatically have their holidays. Anyway this time they go KL due to the training involved in church for like 4 days.

The picture below here is showing a model which is obviously a ....(I guess the picture tells it all)

My boyfriend made it for me during the study week while I was doing my revision for Measurement for building works. Maybe it is not the best of the world or spectacular, I was touched anyway. He showed me the real staircase somewhere in the college first but I was still half understand because it is not the same with the drawing. From here you could conclude that my imagination is quite low. hehe~

The picture below here was taken during study week in college's study room!

At aunty Olivia's house.

Shifting from one place to another is really tiring! Eventhough both places are quite near but it is stull tiring! Cleaning and fixing furniture is more more tiring. I should stay there for quite a long period then.

I have no confident to pass all the subjects for the final examinations of my final year in Diploma. The exam papers were quite surprising and the only thing I can do now is commit it to God because I have done my best!

I gotta go as it is almost time to have breakfast with grandpa!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

First post in my new room

We are officially staying in our new house/condo.

I just settled down after moving , cleaning, arranging, packing, buying and DIY-ing.

What do I mean "DIY-ing" is we actually fixed all of our furniture like wardrobe, study table and chair! To be exact, we were actually assisting Adwin in those fixing thing cos it is not easy my friend.

We made a visit to aunty Olivia's house in Desa ParkCity before going to Ikea and of course we brought "o ji ba la" back. hehe....

I'm still so excited with it and trying to design my room. yes, finally~ for 2.5 years in hostel!!

Some of the facilities-out-of-the-room are not ready yet such as washing machine, dining table..

excluding water heater, stove, and fan.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let's countdown!


4 more days to go my dear friends.

so grab you every single to chance to strike for the best even its 10 minutes left during the examination!

As i said earlier, it may decide your fate!!

I am really really mad because I didn't do well for the past 2 examinations!

I only pray that I can pass them all! Seriously, this is the final semester!

Anyway, Adwin and I went to Ikea this morning because he had to buy guns for his dad. Of course not ther real gun but guns for playing Paintball. Those stuff are very very expensive! From top to bottom, one word "Mahal".

Back to Ikea, I bought my study chair and clock. I show you soon!! haha

I think I better stop here otherwise Lily is going to scream, maybe or bit me in Hostel study room!!!

Thanks Charles for your laptop!