Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wang Lee Hom 十八般武艺 showcase

"THE 18 MARTIAL ARTS" LeeHom's latest album. Connie went to the showcase which was held in One Utama! Lily and I sure go if we are not having exams!!
If there's a concert I will go!! For sure!! hehe....
Adwin keeps nagging and sitting next to me in CITC. I got to go!! @.@
Photos borrowed from here.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Hectic week"

Well I believe most of us have already started their revision and ya so am I!

I'm now with Lily at Hostel's study room. It opens at 3pm on every sunday so we were here around 3:15pm. The air-con is cold here tho!

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day cos it's 圣乐主日, I'm the choir member for Setapak Church and as usual Setapak and Mega Church combine to celebrate this BIG day. Blah blah blah my point is I'm going to attend Mega Church's morning service. OMG I need to wake up at 6am!!
In the afternoon, we are going to look for furniture for our "new house". hehe......

This is the so called "first Zara" that I bought and actually it just a simple top with the latest design on the sleeve which I believe is the latest trend now but I do not know what does it call anyway. At the end just wanna "show off" here. hehe... laugh me if you want! lalalala.......

Alright idling time is over, I better back to my revision now!

I can imagine the activities after exam are now "Queing UP" waiting for me. Hahaha....

Picture above: Ignore my eyes with one side fake eye lashes but the other side no. And also ignore my current condition cos sometimes I lazy enough to wash my fash nor putting what ever toner/moisturizer/my chacoal mask!

Last reminder here:

"Study HARD but Study Smart"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Malaysia Mega sale Carnival 2010

"Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2010 will be 24 July to 16 Sep 2010"

I just knew it through nuffnang advertisement at my blog. Those who are interested are welcome to look for the website. ^^

Unfortunately I won't be able to do my shopping during that time because the Final exam wil be held from 26 August to 6 September!!

28/08/10 Measurement of Building Works PM Block PA

01/09/10 Building Techonology& Practices I AM Block M

03/09/10 Measurement of Civil Works PM Block PA

06/09/10 Construction Economics& Finance PM Block M

By the way, I am going to shift out from hostel!! I should be telling you guys long long time ago but always failed to do so. Thanks to Lily who cannot survive in hostel and begged mom to let us move out. Eventually our "home" will probably be PV 12.
I googled this and I hope it's going to be like this but mine is Phase I and I bet this is PV 12 Phase II which is also known as "Lake City".

There will be 7 of us staying in this unit!!
Master room : Charles the owner
Tze Yang and Simson
Medium room: Lily and I
Single room : Emmy

We are going to move in after the exam and tonight some of us will be going to have a visit of our "home" to discuss on some matters.

Photos will be upload when we move in....

All the best to all of you in the exam and Good Luck!