Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm having "gao gao"(serious) headache now, should be lack of water and eaten fried food last night.

After celebrating Adwin's birthday with my cousin, here comes with our classmates!

We dined at Liu xiang seafood, Sentul and went to I-City which locates at Shah Alam!

I-City is known as the city of digital light! Those lights are made from LED. What I got from the net says that "The city includes trendy shopping streets and equipped with a theme park to cater the visitors' looking for a place to unwind.

I need to do my report now.

will update my blog soon ya!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cousin reunion week II

Still considering to buy this MNG legging or not!

I enjoyed my last weekends very much, couldn't believe that 5 of us squeezed in a room like that. I am so sorry that swe skipped last Sunday service because it was the last day of reunion and we don't know when's the next time of reunion and we got insufficient time for shopping.

Thus, we made the decision. God, please forgive us for our weaknesses.

We took Metrobus from Wangsa Maju all the way to Pavillion. Connie bought a Paul Frank Shirt which is half of the price and I bought a top at ZARA, also my first ZARA and I still miss the cardigan!! The original price is RM 99,90 but RM 69,90 after discount!!
This is the one, what do you think? or okay only la....

After we had lunch at Pavillion Food court, immediately we reached Sungai wang which is only across the streets. It has been really long time I didn't shop there and there're a lot of stuff that I want to bring them back but my bank will go negative!!

And remember that I post about online shopping oh my goodness! I saw exactly the same one at Sungai wang! Ridiculously I did not but it! The first consideration is will I bump into someone who'a wearing the same thing as I am? Because it costs onlt like Rm 49,90 with good quality by the way!
Class at 3pm, I guess I better get ready now.

May God bless you and have nice day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cousin reunion week

What? Cousin reunion week?


Location: Kuala Lumpur

Time: 16-18 July 2010

Places that we went:

1. Ikea/The Curve

2.Times Square


4.Sungai Wang

5.Sunway Pyramid

6. Titiwangsa Lake

We got to gather mainly because of attending Emmy's Convocation so 5 of us spent our weekends happily, not forgetting my boyfriend too!
It's a 3 days 2 nights trip!


Connie, Adwin and I went to IKEA for our dinner and also look for Lily's MNG cardigan which was left at the fiiting room few weeks ago. Unfortunately and most probably we failed to find it.

SAT, 17 JULY 2010

We woke up early in the morning. no lah. actually it was around 9am but I consider it early as early. After had our breakfast at hostel canteen, I started to help Emmy to make up because it's her big day!

The convocation started at 2 30 pm at College Hall.

Then, we continue our trip to KLCC with a mission secretly because this coming Thurs is Adwin's birthday, 22 JULY, so I planned to give him a birthday surprise at KLCC.

The story did not go as what I planned tho and Connie is still really pissed off the security guard there. Let's start from the beginning!

When we reached KLCC. I invited Adwin to go somewhere else so that the rest of them can go to the waterfront in front of the KLCC to get the candles arranged in love shaped ready. Then I supposedly have to bring him to that place. The planning was ruined by two handsome, apparently they are the securiy guard there. The time we reached, I actually saw the security guard blowing off thr love shaped candles!

Well, the reason that we are not allowed to placed the candles there is the visitors from the KLCC, means up there the tower can see!! huh?? Do you have the same thought? huhh? Maybe it's a public location so.......Anyhow, we went to Titiwangsa and we did it!! haha...

Titiwangsa Lake, Playground.

Happy Birthday to Adwin!

Thanks for driving us here and there and fighting for chicken wing at Yuen.

Happy Graduation to Emmy, Congratulations!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I think I have the common "disease" known as " shopaholic", especially ladies.

Shopaholic is also a slang term for Compulsive buying disorder. CBD is found 5.8% of United States population, which is 80% are female!

To guys, the most scary and painful thing while going out with their GF will be -shopping. Ladies couldn not resist the temptations and attractions from anything from clothings, accessories, shoes etc including me!

Recently rarely can go shopping due to tonnes of assignments, tests, lab reports...These cannot stop me from shopping so I choose to do online shopping, but not buying them, only LOOK.

Everytime I go out I found that I must buy something, anything so that I will comfortable, or a release maybe. hehe....weird! Eventhough I'm broke I will still aiming for something that I am going for it by saving more money first then I'll buy it. For example, Coach.
*The CITC is very cold man! and I havae a bad feeling like going to toilet, stomachache.
Oh no!
Lily and I just bought this online. Hopefully , we can wear it. Othewise have to give to Connie/Emily!
I just saw some others from facebook.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

♥ He♥

This semester is very important to us because it decides our fates.

Why? We have to score well all of the subjects as it is our last semester for Diploma, or at least pass all the subject la. If not, you cannot graduate in time!! Seriously, no jokes around here!

Anyways, ♥he♥- Adwin, takes a part-time job this semester in order to gain working experience and earn extra pocket money of course. He decides to take it of course after lots of considerations like will it affect his studies directly or will he miss a lot of lectures/tutorials.

What I can say is it depends on your time management. Like what the architect who works in that company says. He told us about his precious working experience which you couldn't find in books easily. The great thing about his part time job is you only have to work minimum 2 hours at anytime.

Speaking of graduation, Emmy is having her convocation this Saturday at 2 30pm. Connie, Bibiana ( her sister) and I are going for her convocation too!

Happy graduation to EMMY!!

She graduated in Diploma in Biology&Chemistry and she further her studies in advanced diploma too. Just a short introduce about her la, she has been my room-mate for last 2 years, same age as as I am, a smart girl, clean & tidy, and thin.

Once again, Congratulations!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

What a busy week...

This week is really heavy for me because a lot, a lot of assignments have to be submitted. I just submitted Assignment 1 for Measurement for building works. Here comes another two assigments which have to be submitted on Monday.

Besides, this sunday is Youth's Sunday, my job is to prepare the slide especially for the Praise and worship. Honestly I just started last night and hoperfully I can finshed it tonight or maybe tomorrow morning because there will be a rehearsal tomorrow from 12pm to 4pm! But I haven't done the assignments. okay, see the problems?

Ignore the content below here because my friend lost his question paper.

Assignment/Course Work No.5-Question (measurement of reinforcement only)

The brief specifications are as follows:

a) All main reinforcement bars shall be high yield bars to BS 4449. ( 35 marks)
b) All binders/stirrups/links shall be mild steel bars to BS 449. (35 marks)
c) Laps shall be allowed when reinforcement bars exceed 12m length.

i) Compression reinforcing bar lap shall be 30 mm diameter of the bar.
ii) Tension reinforcing bar lap shall be 40 mm diameter of the bar.

Any assumption made shall be clearly stated.

Good night everyone!

Have a nice rest!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Write the future

Instead, I write my pass especially the sweet one and keep it as my own diary and flash back once in a while.

This, below here, was taken ay Mid Valley earlier on.

Did Brazil win?? Haha I didn't watch any of the match.

Mom and Dad are now in KL for 3 days& 2 nights, they're going back to Kuching later

. We managed to meet on Tuesday at Mid Valley, dined at DinTaiFung.

DinTaiFung has branches over 9 countries i.e Taiwan Japan Singapore China Indonesia Korea Australia Unite State and of course Malaysia!

You won't believe this! I brought my camera and it was fully charged but I did not capture any photos that night. Maybe the food was too delicious or something. We were shock that for only a month of time dad turns fat so fast..and mom is getting slim..hehe...

It's 01072010!

Happy Birthday to my dearest sister,

Emily Chiong Hui Yii !!!

Remember that my boyfriend is from Port Dickson? He brought me there.

Homemade- Ice blended pineapple

work as part timer. ^^

Looks like TARcollege is changing bit by bit.

On the way going to new "CC".

with basement carpark but only for the staff.

New Admin Block is still under construction.

It's a place to date with someone else??
caught them here..haha

Remember to watch A team!!
I watched it last Monday.