Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Free KFC Double Zinger Combo coupon!

Hi everyone!

I have started to buy my new year clothes with my family for the past 8 days. I planned to blog about it but they've brought them back except some of it which we continued to shop the day they went back home. My boyfriend insisted them to bring it back because he knew I will wear it before Chinese New Year and end up I over spend the money given by my parents.

However, KFC Malaysia is giving an epic big burger (KFC Double Zinger Combo) at KFC outlets free with any purchase. You can get to print the coupon at One FM website.

Step 1, Visit One FM website

Step 2 : Click the KFC Double Zinger ads

Step 3 : Click get your voucher

Step 4 : Print and redeem KFC Double Zinger Combo

Read the Terms and conditions.
  • This coupon is only valid with any purchase
  • Offer is valid until stocks last
  • Limited to one offer per coupon
  • Not exchangeable for cash
  • Only printed color and b/w accepted for redemption
  • Promotion is not valid during public holiday
  • Not applicable with any other promotions and discount
  • Servings featured are for illustration purposes only
  • Valid until 15th January 2012
Good day!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's December!

"Without His love I can do nothing, with His love there is nothing I cannot do."

Although my Diploma convocation was held with the juniors, we enjoyed ourselves and had a good time with friends. This is because my course was 2.5 years while other normal courses were 2 years for Diploma and 2 years for Advanced Diploma. Tar college had synchronized all courses to 2.5 years for Diploma and 1.5 years for Advanced Diploma. However, I am going to finish my Advanced Diploma very soon and this will be my final semester. This makes sense because I do not have time to update my blog that often

My parents, Lily and my pretty cousins (Emmy & Bibiana) attended my convocation. Unfortunately, I couldn’t show you the photos now because I haven’t got it from my dad. However, there was az KL day trip for photo shooting with my friends a few days ago. We went to a few places such as Tar Cellege, Titiwangsa, Istana Budaya, KLCC and Putra Jaya.

If you check out my FB, you should have seen this photo. This is my boy friend Adwin by the way. We are classmates since I entered the college and this is how we get to know each other

We are from Group F.

I dyed my hair before my convocation and I love it!

I am going to stop here because there will be a test tomorrow.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Everyday, great deal

"Everybody notices what you failed to do but nobody appreciate what you succeeded."

To me, appreciation is always a good motivation. I will set a target and set a reward for myself which I will look forward to. If I achieve the target, I will:
  • Buy myself something that I love.

This is Longchamp Planetes. (Bought)

Have been noticing the ALDO women flat sandal for so long but  unfortunately I missed the opportunity.

  • Date with her boyfriend. Watch movie, shopping, have a good meal!

  • Treat myself a good meal,  that's why I don't lose weight easily!! There a saying " 能吃是福" (Eat is a blessing!) Anyway, we have to spend wisely in term of great savings! Still remember my previous post about the great deals purchasing from the website? Now, I am going to share about my experience of using the coupon.
This is how easy to enjoy the great deals.

1. Buy your Everyday coupons
                                                         2. Make appointment
                                                         3. Present Everyday coupons upon arrival
                                                         4. Enjoy this great offer.

This is a sample of the coupon.

 I bought it for Buffet Lunch at Rm 29.90  which inclusive the taxes and it is definitely cheaper comparing to the offer provided at the outlet. 

While purchasing the deal, always remember to read the Term and conditions carefully. The coupon that I bought is only at Fahrenheit 88 which is the new branch. I actually prefer this than the one in 1Utama.

Clockwise:  Mussel and Snail with cheese,  Sea coconut & white jelly, Beef & Salmon, Takoyaki, "Buddha jump over the wall"

Do not laugh at the name of the sup because it was translated from Mandarin and it was shown like that. However, I love the sup very much!!

I am looking forward to more great deals from other such as Jogoya, The Ship, Chili's, Victoria's station etc 
Alright, I bet that's it for this post!

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great deals

You can find great deals ranging from head to toe such as hair care, skin care, traveling packages, food etc

4. Mydeal

I will blog more about the experience of purchasing the coupon online. It's fun and great savings!

Click on the link to look for your deals.

By the way, I am going to redeem my first coupon from Everyday tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We went to the the town because he wanted to treat me a meal at TheShip for my belated 21st Birthday.

As well as collect my free tickets from Nuffnang and TGV Cinema yesterday. 

Have you watched "You are the apple of my eye"? 
I did with my boyfriend at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.
I would rate it 3/5 but it should be higher because out seats were the second row from the screen.
We were like, wahhhh....they look so big.
The hall was fully occupied and it proves that the movie is well-liked by the people.

Most of the boys are "in-love" with the main actress including my boyfriend.

Photo below: I personally like this the most and I wish I have great skin like her.

Every year end reminded me of Big sales, shopping, Jingle bells, fun and fantansy Christmas decoration.
Apparently the main theme of Pavillion this year is sweets.

Photo below: That is the largest lollipop from Sticky.

Photo below: He's trying to eat the huge lollipop.

One bad thing of going out without friends is we cannot have much photos together unless we keep asking the  strangers for help.

I couldn't wait to dye my hair before the Christmas and my convocation.
This is my first time to buy something online and it is a coupon from and i am very excited!

I think that's it!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 9 Final Semester

Hi there!

I've been very busy this semester and lazy to blog about anything. Surely it's my studies. I don't take photos as much as before so the photos are limited. Sorry for being so outdated too.

Photo below: Maggie Tom Yam with a smiley egg by Him

Photo below: There was an Isetan Member Day so we had our lunch in Isetan.

Photo below: It was at one of the Mac outlet in Mid Valley City.

I just celebrated my birthday last weekend with my friends. okay, this is another year celebrating without my family except Lily. However, I feel blessed and thankful because I am 21 years old now and I love my family and friends. Grateful  of what I am having now and specially thanks to my boyfriend for giving me birthday surprise. He even bought my birthday present earlier and made me a birthday cake himself! 

I have been also selected by Nuffnang and good people at TGV Cinema for FOUR Complimentary passes for any movie at TGV Cinema. What a surprise! It is awesome!

We went to Genting Highlands too for a cup of coffee since it's so near from where we are. I know what you're thinking. It was my second time entering the Casino. yeah, second not first. haha....I made a huge mistake because I thought I brought my camera but I didn't. oh no!!

Logos Hope.

Photo below: The crab was great!!! Had dinner somewhere in Klang after visited Logos Hope.

Photo below: Please ignore the ugly hands.

I'll stop here and continue with my thesis.

*Wiping her saliva*

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Final Semester!


Got to work hard this semester for the sake of my future!

haha....It's already Week 2 and my result was released last week. I am quite happy with it although last semester was really a burden because each of us has to do dissertation. My camera was discharged from the "hospital" yesterday and Thank God they charge me for RM 30.00 only for the delivery fees because I lost my warranty card and it was supposed to be a great amount to be paid but yeahhh....I will take care of my camera!

Since it's just the beginning of the semester, we went to a historical place-Malacca! I have been to Malacca for once only in Diploma Year 1, joining a church camp but I did not have the chance to taste the local food and Jonker Walk.

The decision was made a day before because we were all craving for food as self pampering for this semester. It was 14 of us to Malacca, we departed at around 2pm from KL and came back at night. If you're my Facebook friends you can view more photos there. I'll just pick a few photos here.

Photo below: This is my boyfriend, Adwin in front of the Church of St. Francis Xavier.

We had lunch at one of the restaurants namely Jonker88 in Jonker street.

Photo below: My friend, Chuan Chiang with the Laksa.

Photo below: My friend, Chung Liang with the Cendol. I still prefer the ABC aka Ice Kacang in  
                       my hometown.

After the lunch, we walked around and tasted this.

Photo below: Well- known " 黄梨酥 & 老婆饼".

We also tasted this superb Durian Puff!
It tastes really like the real durian and it's cold and juicy inside.

Another famous local food is the " Chicken Rice Ball". I didn't try it not because I was too full but most of my friends do not recommend as they got upset of their Chicken Rice Ball. I think I should have try it out since I never taste it before.

After that we did some visiting some of the places and did some silly things.

Photo below: No offence.

Photo below: A ride on the "beca".

Photo below: This cake is so nice with layers.


Photo below: My new hair cut with my hat which was bouught in Malacca.